Maharakshak Devi, the second series in the trilogy on super humans on Zee TV will soon end.

The series was always supposed to be a finite start to end subject, and will see its last on 7 June. The first of the trilogy, Maharakshak Aaryan with Aakarshan Singh as lead was also aired as a 26 episodes finite series.

Maharakshak Devi has Umang Jain in the title role of Devi. Rohit Bakshi and Indraneil Sengupta play predominant roles.

When contacted, an actor on terms of anonymity did confirm that the story will end soon as it has a fixed duration.

Zee TV will soon plan the third story of the trilogy. However, Esselvision Productions which produced Aaryan and Devi will not be producing the third part.

We will soon come up with more updates..