Lord Ganesha is most loved by children and Optimystix Productions’ Baal Veer (SAB TV) has picked up an excellent story about a magical tree to entertain the kids.

As per what we saw, Manav (Rudra Soni) has been converted into a monkey because of Kalpvruksh, a magical tree which grants everyone’s wish. In the coming episodes, Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) will try to help Manav back to normal life but Bhasma pari (Shweta Tiwari) will steal the tree and create dangerous demons (Retila Danav).

This is when Baal Veer will shake his leg on Shendur Laal Chadhayo in an elaborate dance sequence and pray to the Lord to help him and that will mark an entry of child actor, Yuvraj Chaturvedi as little Ganesha.

Yuvraj remained unavailable for comment.

We buzzed Dev Joshi who stated, “This is another high point in the show post the Janmasthami special and I am really happy that our show is doing so well. There will be a lot of chaos created because of Bhasma pari but with the blessing of Ganesha it will be solved.”