Ishita has learnt that Subbu is a dangerous man. How will she stop him from marrying Simmi? Read on to find out!

In the last episode, we saw Raman(Karan Patel) convincing Adi, to enrol himself in a science class. The latter however refused, stating that he is not interested. In a matter off minutes, Adi changed his mind and decided to be a part of the class, after being awestruck by a pretty girl in the room. Meanwhile, ACP Abhishek informed Ishita and Mihika(Mihika Varma), that Laxmi had killed herself because of Subbu’s extra marital affair! The two were left shell shocked. Later, Simmi informed Ishita that she and Subbu were having a court marriage. Ishita decided that she has to stop their union at any cost. Subbu and Sujata on the other hand, were seen discussing their plan against the Bhallas. The episode ended with Aditya’s crush introducing herself as Vinny.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Ishita making her way to the court. Meanwhile, Raman will try and delay Simmi- Subbu’s wedding formalities. Sujata will state that the ritual shouldn’t be delayed and will ask Subbu to continue and sign the documents. Right when Subbu is about to do so, Ishita will barge in in anger and snatch the pen from Subbu’s hand! The latter will be shocked…

Will Ishita succeed in stopping Subbu fro marrying Simmi? How will she convince Simmi of his true nature? Stay tuned to find out