The show will be taking a leap and the cast will be flying off to Australia! read more about the sequence here!

Recently, Raman has started drinking every day and his consumption has only been increasing. All of this why? Because he misses Pihu and he hasn’t told this to everyone! Ishita is worried about his drinking and wants him to stop consuming alcohol daily!

Ishita makes a plan with all the ladies to make Raman stop drinking. In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, you will see Ishita gathering all the ladies in their house. They will all sit in the hall and start drinking. The ladies are having a good time, but still have a motive of making Raman realise his mistake.
Raman enters the hall in a tipsy state and gets extremely angry after seeing them. He shouts at them and tells them that he has been drinking since he can’t meet Pihu. The ladies tell him that even they are sad that they can’t meet Pihu and hence are drinking to forget their sorrows.

This gets Raman furious and he breaks the alcohol bottle on the ground and walks into his room. Ishita tells the ladies that their plan has kicked off and Raman shall soon realise his mistake. We hope Raman gets over his drinking problem!

Does the plan work? Will Raman stop drinking?
The show will now be taking a one year leap! In November, the cast will be flying off to Australia for a big sequence in the land down under. We are very excited for the foreign sequence! Share with us your opinions through your comments!

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