Ample curiosity was aroused when Salman Khan posed as a Captain inside a plane for the soon-to-be-aired Bigg Boss 8 on Colors. Naturally, the first question we asked Salman was about the plane and its association with the current season. In his true nonchalant style, Salman calmly replied, “It’s all sho shaa (show off). At the end it’s the house and the contestants. I will be the same old host and not in any cockpit. These are mere marketing strategy.”

When asked to name few contestants who would be locked inside this season, Salman said, “They (creatives of the show) don’t tell me anything. What happens is that when I get to know of names, I tell my sisters and mother and they tell others and that’s how the names leak out. So this time my sister strictly warned them not to share any information with me (laughs).”

And who would Salman like to see from the Bollywood A-listers locked inside Bigg Boss house? Pat came Salman’s reply, “I think Sanjay Dutt would be a great contestant. They should take him out from there (jail) and put him in this house. I can guarantee that he would want to go back because living in this house is so difficult.”

Salman who had earlier declared that he would not be hosting Bigg Boss anymore surprised one and all by making a comeback as the host this season. When asked what prompted his return, Salman said, “The show is a responsibility and also a loyal commitment. I just couldn’t let it go. I did not like few things that happened last year but we sat down and cleared all those differences.”

Among the many things that irked Salman last season, the prime one happened to be Kushal Tandon’s return to the house. Commenting on the same, the actor said, “I did not have any problems with Kushal. I had a problem with the creatives. That was against the show’s format and I stand by my words even today. And people who created a furor on this are basically PR strategists who know that if they go against me they can gain easy publicity. But the world has witnessed the fate of those who took panga with me.”

And finally when asked about his association with the contestants on the show, the hunk shared, “Of course you start feeling a connect with them. When you associate with someone for three months, you tend to become close. I feel it’s my responsibility to see to it that they are well-looked after in the house. You won’t believe many still feel that they are in the house and I have to clear out their sh*# till now.”

The latest season of Bigg Boss will hit TV screens from 21 September.