Loyal viewers of Razia Sultan (Swastik Pictures) on &TV must be aware of all the troubles Razia (Pankhuri Awasthy) is facing right now. The evil Shah Turkan (Sambhavna Seth) has left no stone unturned to trouble Razia and her family.

As viewers would know, the current track showed Shah Turkan ordering her servant to break her legs (quite shocking for all) and they did abide by her commands. She did all this drama to stop Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) from going to Dargah to meet Qutub (Khalida Turi).

Our source says, “Inspite of this conspiracy, Iltutmish will head to meet Qutub, leaving Turkan all shocked and worried. Thus she will decide to go along with Iltutmish or else her evil truth will get revealed.”

What will happen next? Will Shah Turkan’s reality come to the fore?

We tried reaching the actors but they remained unavailable for a comment.