There is much buzz about Ashutosh Gowariker’s newly launched television show Everest on Star Plus.

The show stars newbie actors Rohan Gandotra and Shamata Anchan as leads.

Now, we all know that Ashutosh Gowariker is one of the finest directors this country has ever seen. His movies have been crafted on a large canvas and he has always been a trendsetter of sorts.

Many are wondering and hoping that he will create similar magic on the small screen as well.

Hence, we decided to speak to our in-house tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani on whether the show will be a hit or a flop?

“Everest has got the Card of Eight of Wards and Three of Pentacles which means the it will take time to connect with audience. The fan following will increase gradually.”

“The lead of the show Rohan has got the Card of Magician which connotes that he will garner good fan following. Shamata has got the Card of Two of Cups which says she will work very hard to get appreciation from the masses.” she ends.

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