The most awaited track on Zee TV’s Jamai Raja, will keep the viewers hooked to the show…

Grazing Goat and Films’ popular show Jamai Raja on Zee TV, is currently revolving around a high intense drama which is keeping the audience hooked to the show.

As we reported about Rajveer’s (Vishal Karwal) death, following which there were lots of twist and turns shown on the show. But now things have fallen in place and the situation is getting better on the show.

The most awaited moment between Sid and Roshni, will make viewers happy.

Our source says, “Roshni (Nia Sharma) will ask for another chance from Sid as she has realized that she doesn’t want to get separated from him. But Sid will still give her divorce papers where he has already signed and will ask her to sign. Roshni will be stunned and ask for an answer from him, but he will be tight lipped.”

“This will make Roshni annoyed and she will tear the paper. Amidst this drama, DD (Achint Kaur) will come and inform Roshni that they have won the case and have got their house back. Here Roshni will understand that it’s Sid who is the reason behind their victory. Sid will silently walk off and will finally break down,” adds the source.

Will this incident finally unit Roshni and Sid?

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