Even as Salman is gearing up for his next big jamboree – Bigg Boss 8 on Colors- photojournalists in Mumbai look all set to boycott the macho star once again. Salman was famously boycotted by photojournalists after a nasty altercation broke out between the former’s bodyguards and the lensmen at Royalty in Bandra during one of the promotional events of Kick. The lensmen were pretty peeved at the fact that Salman instead of diffusing the situation bluntly asked them to stay put silently or leave if they wished to. Post that episode, photographers unanimously refused to click Salman at places where he made an appearance. Salman too, in his true style refused to give out an apology and stated that he would respect the photographers if they stood by their decision of boycotting him.

With Colors planning to kick off its new season of Bigg Boss (Endemol India) with a grand press conference, we wondered if the ban would still continue. A senior press photographer we spoke to said that the ban is most likely to continue. Pointing out to the just concluded Ganpati festival, the photographer said, “We didn’t click Salman’s Ganapati celebrations this time around and that’s because we have boycotted him. So in all likely hood we will not be clicking him at the press conference of Bigg Boss as well.”

While most events of Kick were boycotted by the paparazzi, the ban on the actor continued to hold good post the release of the movie as well. Salman’s appearances at Kamal Sadanah’s film Roar and at Aamir Khan’s daughter’s football match were boycotted by photojournalists.

Said another photojournalist, “The charity football match brought together Aamir, Salman, Hrithik and a Abhishek together. It was like once in a lifetime photograph opportunity. But we didn’t click and it’s only after Salman moved away that we started clicking.”

While majority of photojournalists may perhaps stay away from the upcoming press conference of Bigg Boss 8 given the prevailing impasse, the photographers of those media houses with whom Colors has an exclusive tie up will be free to click.

A Colors spokesperson meanwhile downplayed the possibility of ban and said that they would prefer to wait and see as invites will be sent out to all photographers. “We don’t think there should be any problem as such,” said the spokesperson.

Let’s wait and watch….to click or not to click…remains the question!!!