This New Year things are set to change drastically on Bigg Boss. For starters, the show which has been given a month’s extension won’t be having Salman Khan as its host anymore and director Farah Khan has been roped in to step into his big shoes.

Salman’s contract ends on 4th January and the superstar decided against renewing his contract due to his prior film commitments (Bhajrangi Bhaijaan goes on floors in January) which leaves him with no free dates in the New Year.

The makers reportedly tried roping in Karan Johar and Anil Kapoor but both apparently declined the offer which then landed in Farah’s court who was only too happy to lap it.

Farah preferred to keep her cards close to her chest for the moment and revealed only precious little after our earnest prodding.

Shared Farah, ” Everyone knows that I am a huge Bigg Boss fan. I used to tweet about it all the time. I am a Bigg Boss junkie. I follow all the contestants and I am thrilled to be hosting it.”

The format of the show Farah revealed would be tweaked a little for the last one month and the lady director also has plans to bring in her own elements while hosting it. Farah also rued the fact that she wouldn’t be getting an opportunity to meet and exchange notes with Salman. Said Farah, “I will not be exchanging notes with Salman because he won’t be there. But I have to say that he is the most mind-blowing host and no one can take his place.”

Farah however does have plans of making her friend SRK watch Bigg Boss once she starts hosting it. “SRK doesn’t watch Bigg Boss. But once I start hosting it, I will make sure he watches it,” said Farah.

Perhaps Farah could even pull a bunny out of the hat by getting SRK as a special guest on the show, something that even Salman couldn’t manage to achieve.