Talented rap singer Honey Singh is soon to debut on TV with Star Plus’ new reality show India’s Raw Star.

Rap singer Yo Yo Honey Singh is all set to debut on TV as a mentor in Star Plus’ reality show India’s Raw Star. The singer has been loved and got a lot of appreciation from the big screen and now he is trying his luck to get love from our Television audience.

He converses with us regarding his show and more…

How did the show happen to you?

Gajendra Singhji and Gaurav Banerjee had approached me in January with an idea of a musical show. It is almost 8-9 months we are working on the show. They wanted to come up with a music show and they approached me as they like my craziness for music. They felt that I am the craziest man for music in the entire industry. And I have to take the show as it is said any big star starts their television journey from a Star Plus’ show. So then we had lot of meetings for discussion on music presentations, finding talent etc.

I keep traveling from one country to another so they have to accompany me there with their whole creative team of almost 12-13 people. We used to have discussion wherever it got possible, we got little bit time to talk but in that time we have had discussions which were valuable. So only we can come up with the show now.

So how will be your connection with the contestants of the show?

I am a brand ambassador for the show, so I have to keep some musical standards but at the same time I will be a very kind judge in the show. I will be an inspirational mentor to all rather than being a musical mentor. I feel the entire artist in the show have their own great music sense so I would be rather inspiring them of how to grow high in the music industry.

What preparations are you doing for your debut show on television?

I am working on my strength in context to psychology because as a brother I want to inspire my entire artists to earn their names like I have earned in the industry. It is a 14 week show and I would love to interact with the artists even after the show ends. I have done much music independently and now I am planning to take my music internationally for which I need my home stars team, so will surely interact with them and keep along with me even after the show ends.

You are known as a ‘Rap’ king so what is your take about Indian classic music?

There are many singers around 300-400 who have inspired me. I like to listen to every type of music. I am a music director and it is now that I am known as an artist but I have not yet started singing, I just rap songs for which I have been getting lot of love. I wonder how much love I will get after I start singing (smiles). I am singing in my next album and as a full fledged singer which will be for the first time. The album is a non-filmy one which is titled as ‘Desi Kalakar’.