SAB TV is one of the most popular entertainment channels on Indian television right now, thanks to the interesting mix of shows on air. At the launch of one its recent shows, we caught up with Anooj Kapoor, the Business Head and EVP of the channel.

Speaking about the closure of their popular show FIR, Anooj Kapoor said, “FIR is our evergreen property and we will definitely bring it back on our channel if there is a huge public demand. The main reason behind pulling off the show was that we have already done many episodes of the show and it has reached its stagnant level. Hence, we decided to come up with a fresh concept like Peterson Hill.”

While sharing about his programming plans, Kapoor also mentioned that the channel is trying to strengthen its weekend slot and the trend of finite series on television.

“Yes, nowadays finite series are trending and they are doing well. If anyone comes up with some interesting and promising concept, I am okay with doing such a series,” he said.

When he was asked about his plans of featuring comedy films on his channel, Kapoor replied, “There are very few good comedy films in Hindi. So, if I have to feature them regularly then it will run for a maximum stretch of ten to twelve weeks and after that it will become repetitive, which I don’t intend to do.”

Before singing off, Anooj mentioned that the channel is also planning for a fresh integrated marketing strategy for its new shows.

We wish the marketing honcho all the best!