With Star Plus’ Airlines (Miditech Productions) throwing some interesting challenges to Captain Ananya (Tulip Joshi) each episode, now gear up to witness more exciting time ahead.

Firstly, both Ananya and Aakash (Yudisthir) will be shocked when they will get to know that they have been assigned to fly together once again. With animosity ruling their relationship, the duo will be seen trying hard to keep distance and fly their aircraft in peace.

Mid way through their journey, the duo will be informed that a pilot strike has taken place and that they would have to land their aircraft at another location. Both of them will head towards the schedule terminus following the protocol only to come across a trouble.

Shares a source, “The aircraft will have a passenger who will be carrying a donor heart for her ailing husband. She will only have two hours to reach the hospital and get her husband operated before he would succumb to his failing heart.”

Ananya would be shocked by this situation and decide on helping the woman. Aakash on his part would stop her saying that it’s against the rules. Not finding a solution Ananya would decide on flying across the woman alone despite the pilot strike.

Will Aakash come forward to help Ananya? What will be the outcome of her decision?

We tried reaching Tulip and Yudi but they remained unavailable.