Star Plus’ EVEREST has finally commenced showcasing its mission and the mountaineers encounter a problem. Find out more about the problem…

Star Plus’ show EVEREST has finally started showcasing the journey of mountaineers to climb the Everest. The show is beautifully and accurately portraying the journey of mountaineers who prepare themselves to climb the highest mountain peak.

As per the ongoing track, Anjali (Shamata Anchan) is shattered as her dreams are not fulfilled because only eight members can climb the mountain. Thus Abhiyankar (Milind Gunaji) chooses Akash (Rohan Gandotra) over Anjali and even Arjun (Sahil Salathia) doesn’t want Anjali to come along with them.

Now let’s find the further story –

Our source says, “The mountaineers will leave for a mission to rescue a team which has been caught in the bad weather. Arjun will deny to go further due to a bad climate but Roongta (Rajat Kapoor) will force him to move further as he is only concerned about his mission.”

The source further adds, “On the other hand Akash who wants Anjali to go on the mission will question Abhiyankar for choosing him over Anjali in spite being better than him for which Abhiyankar will state the reason that Anjali is a girl and she might find difficulties during the mission and that’s the reason he choose him over Anjali.”

“Khanna will try to get in touch with Nasir’s team but will be unable to get in touch with him even after repetitive attempts. On the mission, Arjun will try to show off by taking risks just then Abhiyankar and Chand will warn him to be in his limits and follow rules. As the team will proceed, Akash will not be able to bear the cold and will freeze. He will sit down and inform everyone that he is finding difficulties and will not be able to accompany them further,” concludes the source.

Will Akash be out of the mission?

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