Producer Benafir Kholi narrates the other side of the story, exclusively to us…

The war between Shilpa Shinde aka Angoorie and Producer Benafir Kholi is all over the media. While Shilpa has been vocal about whatever happened with her and has been talking about taking legal actions against the makers, the production house chose to maintain their silence. But earlier today, we got the news about Edit II having pressed legal charges against the actress as already reported.

We spoke to Producer Benafir, who narrated the other side of the story to us, “Yes, I have no choice left but to speak up now, because it is just getting too much! My kindness and silence has been taken for granted. Today, I shall point by point, clear out all her allegations that she has been talking about. And whatever I say, I back it up with the required proofs…

On sending a legal notice

Yes, we did send a legal notice to her. She has been telling everywhere that she is sending us a legal notice… All I want to say is that if she wanted to, she would have done that long back, rather than just talking about it.

On signing the clause

So she told that we are compelling her to sign a clause. I want to say here that she has already signed the clause with the channel, when she signed for the show. Its not now… it was long back!

On not giving her a hike

She is telling that we are not giving her a hike… I mean, we have already given her hikes, not once.. but twice in one year. And this is the third time that she is asking! Which company does that?

First time we gave her a hike because her character was getting popular, then she again asked for it and now she went on to threatening us that she will give a medical reason to the channel if we don’t give her a hike. I have the text messages that I have sent to her, telling her that we should maintain self respect, we are all working together. I don’t want to say what all she told me because I don’t want to stoop to her level.

Unprofessional behaviour

She used to come late on set everyday! I also have the messages, where I told her “One or two days is fine, but daily coming late hampers other’s work as well.” I mean, whoever came on time also had to wait because of her.

No Tailor on sets

She is talking that we don’t have tailors on the set and she kept styling her own clothes. All I can say here is.. if that was the case, then who designed her look?

The look of Angoori has been designed by Nisha Bedi Rai. She is one of the best designers. She has designed the entire look, while the jewellery was from Mansi Manoj. Because of her, we had to remove them also but later on, I got to know the truth and they are now back with us. She used to say that she brought sarees and jewellery and we used to clear the amount while she never submitted the bills.

Allegations on the co stars

Also she is telling that her co-actors are jealous of her… I mean, seriously! Such amazing actors- Rohitsav Gaur and Asif Bhai.. how can you even compare yourself with them?!

Breach of contract

She was signed exclusively with us and she did breach the contract which channel ignored once.. I don’t want to give more details on it.

I am done with all this now! It’s the character that made her popular.. did anybody know who is Shilpa Shinde? People have known her as Angoori.