The popular India’s Raw Star contestants, Darshan Raval and Mohit Gaur recently revealed their favorite dishes on the sets of Star Plus’ popular show Masterchef India…

The much loved contestants of Star Plus’ popular singing reality show India’s Raw Star Darshan Raval and Mohit Gaur will soon be seen on Star Plus’ popular cookery reality show Masterchef India.

We heard that, Darshan and Mohit had a good time on the sets of Masterchef. They sang songs with the contestants. The contestants were asked to make the favorite dishes of Mohit and Darshan. Surprisingly, the duo asked the contestants to prepare very simple dishes for them that were their favorites. While Mohit asked the contestants to prepare something related to Jam as he loves it, on the other hand, Darshan asked the contestants to make Khichdi for them.

Shares a source from the set, “The contestants and the chefs on the show became surprised to know that having gained so much of popularity, Mohit and Darshan are still crazy for simple delicacy like Khichdi and Jam.”

Darshan told us, “My favorite dish is Khichdi. So, I asked the contestants to make it for me.” Mohit too admitted that he is extremely fond of Jam.

Seems quite an interesting episode to look forward to!

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