Contestant Praneet Bhatt in conversation with us speaks about his journey and experience in the Bigg Boss house.

Antagonist Shakuni Mama of Mahabharat, Praneet Bhatt, who was one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 8 got eliminated last week after surviving for 13 weeks in the house. Praneet was a good contender and was not much involved in the fights. Though small incidents occurred in the house, Praneet Bhatt got little aggressive and indulged into a spat. He shared a good relationship with everyone and was more close to Pritam Singh.

We got in touch with the Praneet to know more about his experience of being in the show, bond with the inmates and more…

What made you take this one of the most controversial show Bigg Boss 8?

I took this show only for one reason that is Salman Khan. I admire Salman a lot and wanted to meet him. Through this show. I used to meet him on Saturday and Sunday. Other than that I wanted to show the real Praneet Bhatt as everyone knew me as Shakuni Mama. So I think my audience got to know that who is Praneet Bhatt and I am thankful to this show.

After coming so far, you couldn’t make it to the finals and also you were not able to become the captain because you were eliminated. So do you regret about it?

I never expected that I will reach so far but because of my audience’s support, I was able to survive for 13 weeks and so I have no regrets. I believe that from the last two weeks I was not much active because so many things were happening and I was not able to take it. Thus I took a backseat and wanted to get out of the house.

You were a part of P3G group but many a times it was seen that there were clashes amongst the team itself, so whats you take? You were really good friends or was it for the game?

We are friends and will remain friends forever even after the show ends. The name P3G was given by the audience and we open heartedly accept it. Bigg Boss house is such a place where situations create clashes amongst friends. But we are friends and have not showed it for the sake of playing a game in the house.

According to you who is playing the game in the house?

Everyone is playing a smart game inside the house. All are good and at the same time are bad also.

Lastly what would you like to convey to your fans?

Thanks to all my fans and audience for loving me so much and I am happy that I am came out as Praneet Bhatt and not Shakuni Mama. I had life time experience in just 13 weeks.

We wishes Praneet Bhatt all the best for the future!