We in conversation with the producer Gorky of Sony TV’s upcoming love saga Humsafars.

After creating the magic of romance on-screen with their popular shows like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and Qubool Hai, the makers of these shows are all set to enthrall viewers with their another love saga with Sony TV’s Humsafars. The story is going to revolve around the lives of two different individuals who complete each other.

We spoke to the producer Gorky M from 4 Lions Films to know more about the concept of the show and about his future plans in this conversation.

Tell us something about the concept of the show.
The story is all about two incomplete people who are like pieces of a puzzle. They complete each other. The show is about their journey and about them trying to discover, recognize and finally accept each other.

How did the idea originate?

Basically the idea originates as you read so many love stories and love is a universal constant emotion. We were finding out different ways of telling a love story. While at the same time, we also wanted to create certain character like a strong and a mature girl who wants to do something for her family. So, we decided to put this character into a love story. That is how it bloomed.

Who all are going to be the target audience for the show?

We really don’t bother about things like target audience. We create certain content and try to do it to the best we can. I think each calls for its own target audience. I feel that our shows are largely being watched by the youngsters. Not only youngsters but our shows are being watched by the different age groups as well. Mostly the people who are interested in love and romance watch our show.

How are the characters of Harshad Chopra and Shivya Pathania going to be like?

Harshad’s character is of a silent man who is living with a lot of pain and he is trying to forget who he was. He is doing a lot of things to forget that why he is into so much pain because of his past. He meets this girl who actually reminds him of the way he used to be. He is thinking that this girl’s dreams are going to crash because of all her innocence and purity. Unknowing to him, the girl’s interaction with him starts changing him back to the person he was before.

Tell us something about the role of the parrot in the show.

She is going to be a member of Arzoo’s house and for her role, you will have to watch the show (smiles). Everybody loves her. Now, everything depends upon her acting skills. She needs to sharpen her acting skills if she wants her role to increase (laughs).

As the show is going to be a love story, viewers expect the love blooming in the show little faster. What can we expect from this; will the love bloom gradually or it will be quick?

Fast is no fun. Romance has to be slow so the love will happen slowly.

We have also heard that a lot of outdoor shoots have happened? How was the experience there?

We had gone to Lucknow. We had a crazy schedule in Lucknow. We have also done outdoor shoots in Mumbai at different locations. The weather was very hot in Lucknow and we had to shoot a rain sequence there. It was quite tough shooting that there but it was a wonderful experience.

What kind of challenges you have come across while making the show?

We started of with this show in the middle of the monsoon when it was raining a lot. That was the biggest production challenge. In terms of the creative challenge, we were trying to walk to that fine line between classic and contemporary. We want this to be a contemporary love story with a slight classical feel to it. We didn’t want this to be too classic or too contemporary that it looses its charm. So, this has been a challenge for us.

The time slot is bit late. So, do you see this as a challenge?

Its a decision taken by the channel after they had seen the content. Since it their area of expertise, so I leave it to them as they are the best judge.

There have been lots of speculations about Qubool Hai going off-air…

There were some speculations and I don’t know from where these rumors cropped up. The show is doing well in terms of the ratings and for the channel as well. Lots of exciting things are going to happen in the future tracks of the show. Lots of exciting things are going to come up.

What kinds of shows you are looking forward to make?

We are looking forward to make all kinds of shows. We are looking forward to make sit com, romances, thrillers. We are not expertise in making saas bahu sagas. We are happy doing love stories, thrillers and drama.

Your future plans?

We have got different kinds of shows pitched to different channels. Let’s see which channel decides to move forward with that first. This is the 3rd show which we are doing after Qubool Hai. Once this show goes on-air, we will see if any channel likes the concepts that we have pitched to them.

What are your plans to get into movies?

Hopefully that will happen sometime soon. We are not desperate to make films; we are desperate to tell stories and television is providing us that medium. We are extremely happy doing television. Films will happen when they will have to.