Smart and suave Vishal Karwal, who is currently the antagonist Rajveer in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja, has captivated the audience with his negative character. The dimpled actor got naughty with us in our fun Quickie section. Have a look…

Your 2am friend?

Manjot Singh and Rohit Khurana.

Kiss with your eyes open or shut?


Hottie who you would like to get naughty?

Kiara Advani.

Ever hit by a same sex?


First thing you want in the morning?

Coffee or juice.

And the last thing you do at night?

I watch news.

Given a chance which magical power would you want?

I would love to have a Time Machine so I can experience each era.

Who do you want to go on a quickie date with?

Preity Zinta.

One night stands are…

There is nothing wrong with one night stands.

You get bowled over easily by or whom?

Conversation and intelligence.