The show hosted by Karan Tacker manages to impress with its first episode

India is a country where reality shows galore. Every other reality, presided by big wigs from film industry, promises to change the life of the contestants. In this rat race, the only way to stay afloat and make a positive impression is having a novel concept. Does Voice India manages to steer clear from the cliches of reality shows and showcase something hatke? Lets see.

What’s it about:

The Voice India is singing reality show which gives hundreds of super talented singers in the country a chance to prove their mettle in front of reputed singers and music directors of the industry. Sounds cliched till now? Though the basic idea is same as any other singing reality show, The Voice India stands apart due to its concept according to which a contestant gets to choose his mentor from four judges. Confused? Each singer gets a chance to sing in front of four judges – Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh, Himesh Reshamiya and Shaan, in an attempt to be mentored by either of the four judges. If the judges like the singing talent, they press the buzzer to reveal their liking. If more than one judge presses the buzzer, the contestant gets to choose hid mentor from the four judges. If no judge presses the buzzer, then it means curtains for the contestant from the show.

What’s good:

The concept of the show is unique and engaging as it gives the contestants a chance to choose to his/her mentor. All the four judges – Sunidhi, Mika, Himesh and Shaan are extremely popular personalities in the music world and form a very solid team of judges to select the next best singing talent in India. Though, it is too early to say about the quality of singing by the contestants, what makes the show interesting is the constant banter between the judges as they fight over the mentoring of the contestants.

What’s bad:

Like any other Indian reality show, the judges dont have the guts to be completely honest ans end up sugar coating words while addressing to the rejected contestants. In today’s show when a contestant broke into tears for not being selected, all judges ended up praising her in order to console her. This is one of the few minus points in the show. Also, Karan Tacker’s hosting skills need major improvement as he makes the proceedings seem dull.