Vivaan and Imli have a massive fight…

With Suraj becoming a ‘bandhua’, Colors’ Udann will soon bring in unexpected twists which will keep the viewers inquisitive to know what will unfold next.

Chakor has broken down seeing Suraj’s condition as Bandhua and Kamal Narayan just can’t stop torturing Suraj tying him up in a stinky cowshed and denying him food and water.

In the upcoming episodes, Suraj will be deprived of clothes in the harsh winter and unable to see him in this state, Chakor will approach her sister Imli for help. Imli will offer help but when Vivaan learns about this, he will bring the house down for offering help to Suraj.

A source informs, “Vivaan will start breaking everything in the room and will warn Imli that she does not have to help Suraj or Chakor under any circumstances. Imli will be left shocked and confused on Vivaan’s refusal to help Suraj. There is definitely some mystery as to why Vivaan is refraining from helping Suraj even after knowing that he is being victimized. But to know the reason, the viewers would have to wait and watch!”