Viewers of Zee TV’s Maharakshak Aryan will seen an interesting track over the weekend.

Zee TV’s Maharakshak Aryan has done well with the viewers majorly because having such a show in the mainstream is not frequently seen on television. The show is all about a kid named Aryan (Aakarshan Singh) who has super powers owing to which he fights against all the evils and gives out a message of good winning over the evil.

In the upcoming weekend, the viewers will see, “So far, Vishaka – Vish Kanya (Reshmi Ghosh) has always been showcased in the negative light. But, this time around, Vishakha will be seen being positive. What makes her take this is that Aryan lies to her that Kaal (Anoop Singh Thakur) had killed his sister. Learning about this, Vishakha and Aryan join hands to kill Kaal. He had basically come to kill Aryan but like always, he managed to kill Kaal.”

Besides this, the show was supposed to go off air by January end but the show has now got an extension till March first week.

We also hear that post the end of Maharakahsak Aryan, the makers will come up with another season with the name DEVI.

It surely will be a good watch to all the viewers.

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