Director’s Kut Production’s Itti Si Khushi on Sony Entertainment Television will see some huge drama during the engagement of Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) and Neha (Smriti Kalra).

There will be two news entries in the show, which will spice up the plot.

Actress Meenakshi Sethi, who was last seen in Kehta Hai Dil – Jee Le Zara, will play the younger sister of the Dadi Kamini (Amardeep Jha). Shanti, the character will be a replica of Kamini, who would always be ready with her sarcastic comments and loud expressions. She will be negative in shade.

Along with her will enter actor Viren Singh, who was last seen in Shapath and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. He will play the grandson of Shanti, and cousin brother of Aman.

He will be a very sleazy guy, with a stinking attitude and dirty eyes towards women. He will start misbehaving with Neha during the engagement.

When contacted, Meenakshi confirmed her entry in the show. “Yes, this is a typical negative character, very different from what I played in Jee Le Zara.”

Viren too confirmed his presence.

The actors start shoot for Itti Si Khushi from today.