Virat (Bharat Chawda), the antagonist of Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (Director’s Kut Productions) is at his ‘conspiring’ best as he has successfully started to create misunderstandings between Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Avni (Kanchi Singh).

In yesterday’s episode, we saw Arpita (Niketa Agarwal) being put in a spot of bother at the jewellery exhibition wherein she was charged by Virat for stealing the jewels. This development saw Raj and Avni supporting their respective families, thus creating a major rift between the secretly married couple.

Now, Virat will take his next step in creating troubles for Raj and Avni. He will now make use of the not-so-good relationship that prevails between Jashan (Anup Sharma) and Abhaas (Parichay Sharma) to his own advantage.

A source states, “Virat will choose the perfect timing when Abhaas and Jashan will have a fight. He will add poison into the food prepared at Jashan’s catering service, and upon eating it, all of Jashan’s clients will feel sick and collapse. Jashan will soon call the police, and will inform them about Abhaas being responsible for the incident. This way, Abhaas will be taken under arrest by police.”

What will be Virat’s next step?

When contacted, Bharat Chawda told us, “Well, I am not supposed to talk about the storyline. All I can say is that there are some interesting developments.”

Parichay Sharma told us, “Yes, Abhaas is now under arrest. But it is for viewers to see the drama.”

Watch this interesting drama in the show.