Viplav, on failing to make Dhani realise about her love for him, decides to leave the town…

Readers, brace yourself to witness a new melodrama, coming up on ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’ (Colors).

As we have seen Viplav (Mishal Raheja) has confessed his love to Dhaani (Eisha Singh), now he is trying hard to make her realize that she too loves him.

During this Viplav will even try to take help of Raj Lakshmi in making Dhaani jealous, but eventually he will fail. Then Viplav will show bangles to Dhaani that his Dadi has sent. Though she will refuse to accept it, Viplav will be determined to make her fall in love with him and accept her true feelings.

Viplav takes her to a temple and asks her to swear and say that she does not love him. Dhaani swears on him and refuses his love in front of the Lord. Viplav hopes that Dhaani will accept his love and lights a diya on his hand. He feels Dhaani will stop him. But again he fails, as Dhaani does not realize the love even then.

Viplav wants to marry Dhaani only after her acceptance and approval for his love. However, he fails badly when he sees Dhaani cutting her hair and not ready to accept her love for him. It will make him take the last and a big step- to leave Banaras.

So will this be an end to their love story or will Dhaani stop him?

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