How excited are you to watch this much awaited sequence?

The upcoming episode of ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’ on Colors will see Tripurari flaunt a negative streak in the future episodes.

The current drama focuses on Tripurari marrying Dhaani but soon the show will see the entire track take a new course as Viplav (Mishal Raheja) will learn about Tripurari (Dakssh Ajit Singh) murdering Suvarna’s (Vandana Singh) child and his plan to trap Dhaani (Eisha Singh) in the bond of marriage for his evil needs.

A source informs, “The entire track will turn into a major chaos when Viplav will spot Dhaani and Tripurari proceeding with the marriage rituals. Just as the rituals are about to culminate, Viplav will interfere in the process by filling in sindoor on Dhaani’s maang!”

How excited are you to watch this track?

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