Basking in the popularity of Gustakh Dil, actor Vibhav Roy said that he would love to work with acclaimed Bollywood directors like Imtiaz Ali and Rajkumar Hirani.

The actor has already made his silver screen debut with the film Redrum, which is now under post production.

In a conversation with us, the actor said, “I am just a film old. I definitely want to work with directors like Imtiaz Ali and Rajkumar Hirani, but before that I need to learn a lot. Only after that I can approach them.”

Talking about his debut film, Vibhav said that though it was different working in films, certain aspects were similar to that of a serial. “Redrum is a small budget film, its’ not a big one. We had budget constraints and had to shoot it like serials.”

When he was asked about his preferred medium of acting, the actor quickly replied, “I am an actor and as long as I get to shoot, it does not matter if it’s a film or a serial. I simply love acting”.

The actor, who is currently not taking up any new projects said that he is enjoying shooting Gustakh Dil and feels blessed to be loved by his fans.

Talking about her co-star Sana Amin Sheikh, the actor wittily added that she is like a mother figure from whom “you can learn a lot and has always been very supportive”.

We wish Vibhav a happy life ahead!!!