The little birdie informed us that Vibhav Roy, the lead of Life OK’s Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions), will go missing from screen in the coming days.

That got out senses tinkling and we wondered if he has quit the show?

So has he really moved on? What could be the reason?

Well, all you Gustakh Dil fans out there, you can rest easy. For the lad will go missing as he has taken off from shoot.

“Yes, Vibhav has taken leave for he would be shooting for a Hinglish movie tentatively titled Redrum,” said a source.

And what will happen in the show? Well, his character of Nikhil has been kidnapped. In the coming track, he will be shown falling off a cliff in a bid to escape from the goons.

Thus, the creatives will toy with the plot of Nikhil going missing till Vibhav returns from his chutti.

We contacted Vibhav who stated, “I am very much a part of the show. I will not be seen for few episodes because I am doing a film.”