Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s Tumhari Paakhi will gear up with an interesting track as Veer will develop a habit of forgetting things in the upcoming episodes.

Life OK’s Tumhari Paakhi has been doing quite well with the audience as well as for the channel. The viewers have been witnessing high end drama in the show for some time now. Well the next track update that we have received is filled with complete suspense and high end drama.

Informs our source, “Viewers will get to see in the upcoming track that there is this mystery person in the house who wants to harm Veer (Varun Badola). Veer will be seen forgetting things in the show on which he thinks it is due to the stress. But the major truth behind this is that Veer is being drugged by that mystery person.

The first instance when the entire family will get to know that Veer is forgetting things is when he is the last one to reach home in the night and he forgets to close the door. The security guide then comes and closes the door. Next instance when their belief gets even strong is for the Shatra Puja for Diwali when he keeps his unloaded licensed pistol on the thaal. Post the Puja, the pistol gets lost somewhere. Eventually he finds his gun from some corner of the house. He notices that the gun is heavy and has a bullet in it. That is when Veer understands that something is really wrong.”

Later Badi Biji warns Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) that if anything goes wrong with Veer, she will hold her responsible as she has not yet accepted Veer as her husband,” ends our source.

We also hear that the mystery person is someone from Veer’s family.

Well, now this is some spicy track that the viewers will get to see.

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