Innocence may be synonymous with childhood, but sometime that can create trouble for the parents.

As informed by us, the fancy dress competition at Ved’s school in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum would lead to a lot of drama. With the young boy feeling embarrassed about his ‘halwai’ attire, he would hatch a plan to keep up to his cool image.

Shares a source, “Seeing that everyone in the school is making fun of him and his ‘halwai’ avatar, Ved would lie to them, stating that his father is a successful businessman and that he dressed up as a halwai just for fun.”

The young lad just wanted to avoid embarrassment about his origin doesn’t know that he is actually paving way for a graver issue.

With the teachers getting to know of Sooraj (Anas Rashid) being the owner of a giant business, they would send an invite to him to talk about entrepreneurship among the students. They would officially send an invite which would land in Sandhya’s (Deepika Singh) hand.

How will Sandhya manage to solve this crisis? Will Ved’s lie cause trouble for Sooraj?

We tried reaching Deepika but she remained unavailable.