We list down things which will be remembered by the fans as well as the viewers.

Film Farm India’s one of the most popular and the longest running show Uttaran on Colors will air its last episode tonight. The show that kicked off on December 1, 2008, wooed the audience for six long years successfully. But as it is said that every good thing comes to an end and so is the case with this show

The show which delved into the concept of poverty and richness, captivated the attention of the viewers efficiently.

Well, with the show bidding adieu, it has left many memorable for the viewers. We list down those things –

1) The show took a leap where Iccha (Tina Dutta) and Tapasya (Rashmi Desai Sandhu) grew up together but Tapasya grew up with all the luxuries of life as she belongs from rich family whereas Iccha grew up with lot of struggle as she belongs from a poor family. Later there was another leap when there was a new generation introduced but this time tables turned around where Iccha’s family became rich where as Thakur family became poor.

2) Iccha on the day of her marriage scarified her love because Tapasya wanted to marry Veer (Nandish Sandhu) as he was a very rich. Thus here for the first time Iccha gave her used bridal dress to Tapasya and Tapasya got married to Veer instead of Iccha.

3) There was a very emotional sequence where Iccha breathe her last as she donates her heart to Tapasya when she was critically ill.

4) Rashmi Desai decided to quit the show, becoming the high point of the show as she was the parallel lead in the show. Later on public demand she made a come back in the show. Another character of Rathod (Gaurav Chopra) was introduced in the show which added on to the popularity of the show.

5) There was a different sequence seen the show where Iccha reaches Pakistan and was seen in a different avatar.

Hope it will be a memorable journey for the loyal fans of Uttaran!