Sony Entertainment Television’s Itti Si Khushi (Director’s Kut Productions) will now focus on Neha’s (Smriti Kalra) efforts to get herself educated by attending school.

The biggest task before Neha and Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) will be to manage the situation at home, even while Neha would attend school. In order to achieve this, they would decide to keep this secret away from the families. Aman would tell his family that Neha would be attending grooming classes, so that she would get to be a good bahu post her wedding. This would make Kamini (Amardeep Jha) and others happy.

However, the fact would be that Neha would be attending the same school where Aman would be the teacher. Also, the duo would have to hide the fact that they are engaged at school.

At this juncture, Neha would be asked by her school authorities to come dressed in a school uniform. Neha would be going out to buy her uniform, but Kamini and others in Aman’s family would want her to shop with them for her wedding attire. This would put both Neha and Aman in a fix.

As per a source, “This will lead to an interesting sequence wherein Aman and Neha would shop for the wedding dresses. They would then spot a shop selling school uniforms opposite to the saree shop. They will silently escape from the saree shop and will hurriedly enter the shop opposite to it to buy the uniform. However, they will be spotted when inside the uniform shop, thus creating a problem situation for both of them.

How will Neha and Aman hide the truth of buying the uniform? Or will the truth of Neha attending school come out?

We tried calling Smriti, but she remained unavailable for comment.

This particular sequence will be shot soon.