Recently, we reported that Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) of Tumhari Paakhi will dress in all white as Anshuman’s (Iqbal Khan) widow for Karwa Chauth episode, which will lead to a major showdown in the serial. This will irk Paakhi’s sister-in-law, who wanted her to keep the fast for her brother, Veer (Varun Badola).

When we contacted Varun, Paakhi’s second husband in the show, he said the twist will add more drama to the plot.

“Yes, the Karwa Chauth plot will bring a major showdown in the serial and will lead to certain new developments in the plot. Paakhi and Veer will realize their situation and try to work on it and will start moving on in their life.”

The actor was recently in news for observing fast for his wife, Rajeshwari Sachdev, on Karwa Chauth. Sharing his experience Varun said that it was indeed difficult to fast for the entire day. “There are instances where we hardly eat something due to the busy schedule, but it was something absolutely different without water.”

Rajeshwari Sachdev, Varun’s wife is also essaying an important character in another Life OK show named Laut Aao Trisha. When he was asked whether working on two different shows broadcasting on the same channel leads to any sort of professional competition in their personal life, the actor quickly replied “no”.

“See one actor is never responsible for the entire show. It’s a team work. So, you cannot blame or praise one for the success of one show. So, we don’t find it worth it to discuss over these issues. The only discussions we have in our household about our shows are simply about our own performances.”

Varun, who has worked in the industry for a long time, said that it is a good experience to work with new talent. “There was a time when I was new in this industry, and now the new talent are working well.”

“But talking of the serials that are coming up these days, I would say earlier there were much new things to do. The stories were much better during that time than now.”

We sort of agree, Varun!!!