The show’s lead couple met with an accident while on their way back from Khandala. Read on to know more!

Sonia Balani and Priyansh Jora are popularly known as Panchi and Ashish from Star Plus’ show Tu Mera Hero. Reports suggest that the couple met with an accident on their way back from Khandala, near Panvel on Sunday morning. The two co-stars were accompanied by TV actress Shivani Tomar. It so happened that Priyansh’s car rammed into a truck and we hear that the actor suffered minor bruises but Sonia was severely injured and rushed to the hospital immediately. She reportedly was kept in the ICU as she hurt her head. A source while talking to a leading tabloid, said,” Until Sunday night, she was slipping in and out of consciousness as she was a little disoriented. However, she is better now.”

Priyansh on the other hand, recalled the events from the accident saying,” Fortunately, we were all in the backseat and hence, it didn’t turn fatal. Shivani has a few stitches on her forehead and I got four on my foot as a result of landing on broken glass pieces. Sonia has got a few stitches above her left eyebrow and had a concussion in her brain. She has recovered 80 percent and should be totally fine in a day or two. The car has been completely damaged, but thankfully, the driver escaped unscathed with only minor injuries.”

So what happens to the shoot now that Sonia is hospitalized? ” I reported to the shoot. Fortunately, since the current track isn’t focussing on Sonia’s character, the shoot can be managed without her for the next four- five days,” informed Priyansh to the tabloid.

We wish Sonia a speedy recovery!