The ongoing episodes of Colors’ popular daily Udaan (Guroudev Bhalla & Dhaval Gada) are injected with drama wherein Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) has become a bandhua mazdoor (bonded labour).

As per the ongoing plot, Kamal Narayan has been torturing Sooraj by not allowing him to eat food. Chakor (Meera Deosthale) has been making all efforts to make food available for the tortured soul. Now, Kamal Narayan’s (Sai Ballal) atrocities will intensify.

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Our source informs us that in the upcoming episodes, Chakor would try to give food to Sooraj but Kamal Narayan will take it way throw water on Chakor’s face. Seeing this, Sooraj will get angry and after making an effort, he will free himself and run to save Chakor. Sooraj will warn Kamal Narayan not to hurt Chakor. With a motive to punish Sooraj for his act, Kamal Narayan will take a step further and declare in front of the entire village that in order to survive and get food, Sooraj will have to touch his feet.

Dramatic and demonising!!!

What will Sooraj do now? Will he agree to Kamal Narayan’s words?

When we contacted Vijayendra, he commented, “Yes, it’s true. Kamal Narayan wants Sooraj to fall at his feet and beg for food and water. We have shot the sequence and this track is very challenging. I am trying to give my best and hope the viewers will like it.”

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