Get ready readers as some more drama is coming your way right from the kitty of Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms and Colors).

After the bride and groom swap drama and some bitter realizations about mummy dear’s evil intentions, it’s time for some blame game in the daily.

Viewers have already witnessed that Anu (Ishita Ganguly) tried to make peace between Minty (Neelu Kohli) and Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria) with her father-in-law’s help and was even successful to some extent. While on the other hand, Kajal (Priyanka Bhera) tried to brainwash Minty against Anu, which now will lead to some more confronting situations between the two.

A source shared, “In the upcoming episodes Kajal will go for shopping along with Anu for Rajat’s medal ceremony. And in the process Kajal will end up shopping more than needed. Later on when the family members will find out about their credit card bills, Kajal will put the blame on Anu about her expenditures.”

Anu will be surprised with this unexpected development and will gradually realize about Kajal’s evil planning.

While on the other hand, Devyani (Sonal Vengurlekar) will receive full support from Rajat and other family members about pursuing her dreams. And soon she will join Rajat’s cousin for her fashion designing business and will try to move on from her past encounter with Neil (Sumit Bhardwaj).

We buzzed Sonal for a comment but she asked us to call later on.

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