We in conversation with Shefali Sharma about her upcoming show Tum Aise Hi Rehna on Sony TV…

Pretty actress Shefali Sharma, who was last seen in Colors’ popular show Bani – Ishq Da Kalma is all set to be seen in Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ upcoming show Tum Aise Hi Rehna on Sony TV.

Shefali, will be seen playing the character of a doctor Riya with which Shefali can relate herself to very well.

We spoke to Shefali to know more about her character, about her married life and much more.

Talking about her character in the show, Shefali told us, “I am playing the character of Riya Agrawal who is a doctor by profession. The character that I played in Bani was of a very innocent, sober and a simple village girl who always thinks for other’s happiness more than herself. Even Riya is just like her who thinks about the happiness of others but at the same time she thinks about the happiness of her own as well. I can relate to her totally. She is a girl of today’s time. She supports the right and takes a stand against the wrong. She shares everything with her parents. I had given the audition for this role and that day itself I got a call from them the second day that I have been confirmed by them and they want to sign the contract with me. I signed the contract because I liked the story especially the characters my character is of a modern girl just like the way I am.”

“I am feeling very good to play this character and I was happy playing my character during the time I was doing Bani because I felt very comfortable while playing that character. The character of Riya is also similar to me so I am not at all finding it difficult to play rather I am enjoying it. In Bani, I used to wear salweer kameez and jewellery but my outfit is very simple in this show. I will be seen wearing jeans and kurtis. The response so far has been very good. This is the story of every family which we all will relate to. I think that men will like the show the most because most of the times they are confused as what to do when they are being told that they have changed after marriage. So I think this show will give an answer to them.” adds Shefali.

We wonder how life has changed for Shefali who has recently tied the knot. When asked about it to Shefali, she shared, “Nothing has changed as such. The only thing that has changed is that initially I used to be alone in Mumbai while I was doing Bani initially and I have always lived in a joint family. Now I have got my family back again after my marriage. I am now again living in a joint family and we enjoy a lot.”

We also asked Shefali about her off screen bonding with her co-star Kinshuk and all others. She says, “I am sharing a very good bonding with everyone out here. They all are like my family. All are very positive and good people to work with. Kinshuk is very good and a genuine guy. We both have same qualities so we are sharing a very good off screen bonding.”

Shefali definitely shared a great bond with her co-stars from Bani and she still misses them a lot. We asked her whether is she still in touch with her co-stars from the show or not, she told us, “Yes, they all are my good friends so definitely we are in touch especially Neha Bagga, Adhvik Mahajan and me keep meeting from time to time. They keep pulling my leg. I was not giving auditions as I was busy preparing for my marriage but my husband and my best friend Adhvik insisted me to give auditions for shows. So, I have got this show because of them only.”

“This show has drama, love story, Saas Bahu, action, everything in it. So, I would like to say to the fans that you will like the show and please continue giving your love to me like the way you have given me so far,” concludes Shefali.