The viewers of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki on Colors were in for a surprise when Tanu was declared dead and revived as Tanuja. The fans of the show can’t have enough of Rishi and Tanuja’s chemistry and have been excitedly waiting for the two love birds to unite and live happily.

But something dramatic has to keep happening every time Rishi and Tanu come close together and in the upcoming episodes, Tanuja will learn about her past life!

Tanuja will happen to visit the same temple where the old woman had predicted that Rishi and Tanu will always be together come what may. (Their souls will always find ways to unite, while alive or dead!)

To add to all of this, she will start getting glimpses of her past life, the relationship and all the special moments she shared with Rishi. Not only that, she will also meet the same old woman and will question her as to what is happening with her and why?

Tanuja will soon come to know that she was Tanu in her previous life and Rishi was her ‘prince charming’. It will be interesting to see how the story tunes in from here.