Gear up for the high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms “Swaragini”…

As per the current track, Durga Prasad reaches to help Lakshay as rest of the Maheshwari family gets to know about the incident. In the meantime, Ragini opens her eyes and calls out for her mother. Meanwhile, Durga Prasad questions Annapurna as to the reason behind the actions of Lakshay.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Swara will hide and will overhear Durgaprasad and Lakshya speak.

Later, Lakshya will wake up and will tell his father the truth that Swara doesn’t love him but he loves her and that there is no one else for him.  Lakshya wants to turn over a new leave and he will tell his dad that he will do his bidding.

Here, Swara will try to talk to Ragini but she will ignore her even at home as she will be recuperating.