In conversation with us, Natasa Stankovic talks about her journey, the best buddy she found out and more…

Stunning and lovable Natasa Stankovic got evicted last week in Colors’ popular show Bigg Boss 8. Though her journey was short and sweet but she remained wise and kept entertaining the audience.

Here is Natasa talking about her journey with us –

How was your experience being a part of this controversial show Bigg Boss Season 8?

It was great, it was very challenging for me as it teaches you to be mentally strong and how to tackle situations wisely.

Do you regret of getting eliminated so early?

I don’t regret as such but yes I wanted to be a part of the show for some more time, but no complains because whatever happens is meant for a reason.

What do you feel is the reason of your eviction?

I don’t know what was the reason. I think I would have got low votes due to my language issue or they would have felt hat I am not adapting myself in the house but I tried doing it. After some time I was used to eat spicy food and I even started mingling with people.

Share some moments which you will cherish in the future?

I have lots of moments which can be stored for lifetime. I don’t have harsh feeling for anyone. The best moment was when I cooked Indian food and everyone liked it.

A person whose company made you feel comfortable and a person whom you did not like in the Bigg Boss house?

Sushant Divgikar was a great person to be with. He has supported me a lot and he is very positive and energetic. I just loved his company, we both shared some nice moments in the house. There is no one in the house whom I don’t like but I feel that me and Pritam didn’t interact much and so I was not comfortable with him.

There were some issues between you and Karishma Tanna during a task so what do you feel about Karishma as a person?

Yeah, during the plain ‘Hijack’ task it seemed that she was applying chilly powder harshly on my face but later we sorted out the issue and she even apologized for the same .

Where do you think of yourself after Bigg Boss?

I am looking forward for some good projects in future.

What has Bigg Boss taught you?

Well I have got many lessons from this show. I learned Indian culture, language and have also learned eating spicy food (laughs). It has taught how to adapt yourself in all situations, I have also learned to communicate more.

A message you want to pass on for your fans?

I want to thank all those who supported me and voted for me. Keep loving me and I hope that I keep entertaining you.

We wish luck to Natasa for her future endeavors.