The intriguing drama about Soumya convincing Surbhi and Harman to get married is extremely engaging in Colors’ Shakti. In fact, what excites us is the equations that will change post their marriage.

Preeto’s plan to threaten Soumya that she would be thrown out of the house unless Soumya convinces Harman and Surbhi to marry each other has worked.

She now plans to create a rift between the two sisters and instigate Surbhi herself to throw Soumya out of the house. But looks like destiny has something else in store for Preeto!

A source informs, “Preeto’s plan will backfire as Surbhi is marrying Harman for the heck of Soumya. She does not want Soumya to be kicked out of the house. Surbhi will become the shield of Soumya, against Preeto. As and when Preeto plans, Surbhi will plot a spoiler to restrain her from doing the things she wants to. ”

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