The curtains are up on the ‘huge secret’ that was hidden by Bhavna (Reena Kapoor) from her family, especially her daughter Avni (Kaanchi Singh) in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (Director’s Kut Productions).

With both Avni and Raj (Mishkat Varma) getting to know of the dreaded happenings on that one night in both Sangeeta and Vikram’s (Vinay Jain) families, they would join hands to unite their families. Also, the fact that Avni would get to know of Bhavna having been responsible in breaking off her marriage to Raj, she would be even more determined to unite with Raj now.

And the most-awaited wedding of Raj and Avni will happen in Umathgaon, the same village where two lovers Vikram and Sangeeta were separated years back.

Yes, Raj and Avni will vow to bridge the gap between the two families. And the first major step they would take will be to get married.

As per a source, “Raj will fill Avni’s forehead with his own blood. The duo will decide to keep their wedding a secret from their families, yet try to unite the families.”

Will Raj and Avni be successful in their journey to bridge the gap?

We tried contacting Kaanchi, but did not get through to her.

The wedding sequence of Raj and Avni will be aired in this Tuesday’s episode (21 October).