The father-son relationship in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya between Sukett (Rajeev Singh) and Akshat (Waseem Mushtaq) has burst like a bubble, after Sukett was not acceptable of his son falling in love and getting married to his love.

Well, after a series of sad moments between the two, there will come a ray of hope as circumstances will again bring them together. Akshat will come in as a saviour to his father who will get caught in a major fire accident.

Yes, this is what the viewers will get to see!!

In the coming episodes, the Khandelwal godown will catch fire, and the extent of damage will be huge. Sukett will get trapped inside the godown, and there will be major chaos. And it will be his son Akshat who will run in to rescue his father from the widespread fire.

A source states, “This will be a very emotional sequence, given the extent of differences viewers have seen between the father and son. Akshat will barge into the fire, not worrying about his own safety. He will also get successful in saving Sukett. But in the process, Akshat will get trapped inside and will have no way to come out. Raj (Mishkat Varma) will then jump into action and save Akshat.”

The fire sequence will result in both Sukett and Akshat landing in hospital. Both the father and son will be rushed to the ICU for immediate attention and care.

Will this incident bring back happy times for the father and son?

When contacted, Waseem who is busy celebrating Eid with family and relatives in Kashmir said, “Yes, I had a hectic day and night schedule for the last few days, as I was taking a break for Eid. I have landed in Kashmir yesterday, but had to complete all the heavy-duty sequences before taking my flight. It was tiring, but the story is shaping up well. Yes, we shot for a major fire sequence wherein Sukett gets caught and Akshat rushes to save him. You will have to watch the episode to enjoy the drama.”

This particular sequence will go on air sometime this week.