So far on Suhani Si Ek Ladki, we saw how Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta) and Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) are trying rebuild the business and get everyone to work. The two decide make Rags the Business Head. They figure that she has a great knowledge of beauty products which can be put to good use. Also is she’s busy with work she’ll have less time to come up with mindless plotting and scheming. That’s true!

Of course, Dadi is not happy about it as she thinks Suhani is doing all this to create a rift between Dadi (Shashi Sharma) and Rags. Menka too is unhappy, but for a different reason. She’s just upset about the fact that Rags was offered such a high position and she wasn’t. Weird dynamics of this trio, I tell you! Anyway, Rags decides to take up the position if she’s given a personal secretary which Yuvraj and Suhani readily agree to.

Suhani then appoints Krishna as their manager. Dadi, obviously, does not consent to it but Yuvraj, Saurabh and Anuj manage to convince her.

Later that day, Sharad gets into an argument with Rags and happens to say really mean things. Rags is no less but Sharad crosses the line resulting in one tight slap on his face but it’s not Rags, it’s Pratima who comes to Rags’ defence. This leaves everyone in a stunned silence as this is probably the first time anyone has seen Pratima angry.

While Yuvraj and Suhani have put Rags in charge of the business for good, they forgot to account for the power they are putting in her hands. Ragini is a self obsessed, arrogant person. But with her new position now, she’s going to take arrogance to a whole new level. Yelling orders at everybody, scolding everybody, dominating everybody. Life at Birla house is going to get very very difficult in the coming few days. The only good thing will be the fact that Rags’ dominance is going to irk Dadi a lot. So much so that Dadi might even give up on bringing Rags to her side again.

Also Suhani decides to get Soumya on board as Rags’ secretary. Soumya (Neha yadav) needs a job, Rags needs a secretary so it figures, right?