High voltage drama awaits the viewers of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein …..

As per the current track, Aditya confronts Shagun for her misdeed against him. Ishita regains consciousness. Meanwhile, ACP Abhishek informs the Bhallas about Shagun’s plan to take Aditya and Ruhi away from them. Ishita stops ACP Abhishek from arresting Shagun. The doctor informs the Bhallas about Ishita’s recovery.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Meanwhile Roka ceremony will get over . Also there will be a new character called ‘ Shraddha’ and a new man and their 13 or 14 yeas old daughter who will come to Adi ‘s school and then soon Adi will develop a crush on her.

while in all this Ishita will be shown  more concern for her kids, Here Adi will have to go for a party so Ishita will tell  Adi to come back by 8.30 but Adi will say Party will start at 9 PM; so Ishita will say to return back by 11.30 PM.

Here, Raman will be busy with his new business and Ishita at 11.30 will reach the party venue and Adi will start feeling embarrassed that his mother has come to pick him up, but there is the twist in the tale.  Police will come to the party venue as they have got the information that there is a Porn CD and will being found out but unfortunately it will reach to Adi ‘s bag .

After all this again there will be a track of Subbu where everyone will start hating him as they will come to know that Subbu is just getting married to take revenge from Mrs Bhalla and everyone will say him to get out of the house and will say that he’s not required in the family….