Guess who we spotted enjoying and relaxing at a Spa?

Well, none other than the handsome and well built Jai Kalra. He is famous for his roles in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Laut Aao Trisha.

When we walked up to Jai, he met us in a very warm way and shared, “I was in Canada to meet my family and flew back recently. Since I have a shoot tomorrow morning I just thought I will relax myself a bit.”

“I have been shooting nonstop and that has caused a lot of stress and since the flight from Canada is a long one I thought I should chill a bit,” added the actor.

You surely deserve that Jai!

Talking about his shows he averred, “It is going good and with so many interesting twists and turns around, people will surely be hooked on to it.”

With that we bid him farewell to enjoy the luxury of a Spa.