Viewers in the upcoming episodes will see a Spooky Suhagrat for Ria and Abhmanyu.

Sony TV’s Tum Aise Hi Rehna has managed to please the viewers although more with Aanchal’s (Madhura Naik) entry in the show. Aanchal playing the role of a mysterious girl who has been in love with Abhimanyu (Kinshuk Mahajan) cannot see him with any other girl.

So far the viewers have seen Aanchal creating a lot many hurdles in Ria’s (Shefali Sharma) life since she has come back. She also creates an obstacle during Ria and Abhimanyu’s wedding. We brings to you another interesting track for the viewers.

Our source informs us, “Post all the rituals performed by Ria and Abhimanyu, both of them enter the room for their first night. Of course, the two wanted to consummate their marriage but that is when Aanchal comes in to the picture. Aanchal just cannot bare Abhimanyu with Ria and hence she begins with all her tactics again. She starts troubling Ria so that she can successfully separate the two from coming close.”

Well, this is just the beginning and there is a lot more of spooky and uncanny to come the viewers way.

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