Zee TV’s popular show ‘Ye Vaada Raha’ gears up for some more twists and turns in its upcoming episodes…

New twists and turns are gripping over the audience of Zee TV’s popular show ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’ ever since Vishakha’s entry on the show.

According to the ongoing track of the show, it’s been shown that the truth of Vishakha (Sehrish Ali) has been revealed before Survi (Roshni Walia) and since then, Survi is trying out different ways to expose Vishakha’s truth in front of Kartik (Ankush Arora). Now in the upcoming tracks of the show, Survi will again attempt to expose Vishakha. This is when she would get to see another side of Vishakha. Will Vishakha’s truth be revealed in front of Kartik?

Our source informs us, “In the forthcoming track of the show, Vishakha will get a call from her client, requesting for a dance performance and while she will be performing on the popular item number ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’, Survi will come to know about this side of Vishakha. In order to disclose this hidden truth of Vishakha in front of Kartik, she will make a video and send it to Kartik. Vishakha and Tai would eventually get aware of Survi’s presence and will run away from there.”

Will Vishakha’s truth be revealed in front of Kartik? Will he receive the video? The upcoming episodes of the show have a lot of drama to unfold.

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