Dashing Nandish Sandhu who is an entrepreneur now is busy investing time in his restaurant as he talks about food and travel plans in conversation with us.

Dashing and handsome actor Nandish Sandhu who is seen in Colors’ popular show Beintehaa, talks about his venture, food and travel plans in conversation with us.

Here is Nandish speaking about the same –

What is the specialty of your restaurant?

The speciality of my restaurant is healthy food; there is a variety of food as it serves. There are juices, healthy shakes, salads, rolls, sandwiches and more. So basically people who are health conscious and who would give more importance to health more than taste, that’s what we specialize in.

Though there are lots of places where you get juices but our juice bar is little different because we try not to add too many syrups in the juices not to put many ready made crushes, we try and use natural real fruits. And we have lots of vegetable juices which many people don’t like (laughs) but we have kept it still because people who have sugar problem need to drink vegetable juice as they cannot have lots of fruit juices.

How conscious are you about your health?

I am very much conscious about my food habits. Earlier I was not much conscious about my health couple of years back because naturally my metabolism was so high that whatever I used to eat I was able to easily burn it and I could have burgers and all junk food but still I never used to put on weight.

But slowly and steadily it does affect your body and also I realize that it is not only about putting on weight but it is important to live healthy. Since then I started taking care of my diet because to keep yourself internally healthy, the only way is by eating healthy food and work out.

Have you ever tried to don a chef’s hat?

At home yes and in the restaurant not too much as I am there as a supporter to my brother as he is the one who looks after our restaurant. So there are inputs from my side but have not actually cooked in the kitchen because of lack of time. But I usually go there to see how things are working and taste different dishes, to see the quality of the dishes we are serving and more. So I am more like a supervisor there. I love to cook at home but I don’t get much opportunity to cook due to time constrain. But I love cooking for my friends and family and of course for Rashmi (Rashmi Desai) also. Whenever I am on holiday, I am the one who cook. I don’t get into cooking for 5 to 6 house, I make some deserts and quick meals like pasta and all.

Are you planning to open more restaurants in different cities?

I am planning to open more restaurants in Mumbai itself and of course later I will plan to open in different cities.

Any dish which you love and so you have added in your menu card?

Well, I love pasta and I was not sure that it comes under healthy food. So we found out the way make healthy pasta which is low in calories and can be fitted in our restaurant’s menu. So we have kept is wheat pasta, risottos and more.

Juices were that something which there in my right from the time I decided to open a restaurant because I used to love drinking more than eating. So juices were always in my mind that whenever I open a restaurant I will have a separate bar for juices counter.

How do kill your time while traveling?

I finish my work while traveling not when I reach the destination but when I am on a holiday I do not work. Most of the time while traveling goes on my iPad finishing up all my mails pending work. I love editing so I edit my pictures.