The cast of Sony TV’s Hum Hain Naa will enact the mythological drama Ramleela for the auspicious festival of Dusshera.

DJ’s Creative Unit’s popular show Hum Hain Na is in the mood to celebrate the joyous festival of Navratri. On the eve of Dusshera, the show will illustrate the mythological drama of RamLeela. Well, the leads of the show Bunty and Saagrika are all set to enact the drama and the sequence will see more love blooming between the two.
Our source says, “The cast of Hum Hain Na is all set to celebrate Dusshera and so they are doing rehersals to enact RamLeela. Saagrika will be teaching them to enact the drama.”

“Bunty is Ram, Saagarika is Sita and Pappuji (Bunty’s brother) is Raavan. Also on the other hand Ammaji wants Satya to play the role of Sita but Bunty wants Saagrika to play Sita. So he is trying to find ways to convince Satya to back out from the drama.”